Fires can happen at anytime. A spark from an industrial machine, an overheating copier, a lit cigarette in a trashcan, and any one of a thousand other causes can start a fire that can spread quickly throughout the building. A commercial fire alarm system can’t prevent the causes of fires, but it can provide employees and customers with sufficient warning to evacuate the area. It takes mere moments for a fire to grow in size, and these moments can make all the difference in saving lives and property.

Moments Matter

The typical office fire doubles in size every minute. The more fuel that is present, the faster the fire will grow and the typical office has plenty of fuel to fan the flames. While some pieces of office furniture may be made from fire retardant materials, the vast majority of furniture, clothing, and of course, paper and plastics are not. That is why, when you buy from Brisbane’s leader in high quality office furniture, you have to treat all of your new furniture with care and respect. When a fire breaks out, it is often these common materials that fuel the fire and give it the ability to travel throughout the office. In Amarillo, the average response time is 4 and 1/2 minutes. In El Paso, it is about 4 minutes. Most other fire departments in the area respond within these ranges. Fire is becoming an increasing problem in the area and fire departments in the area are bracing for a continued increase in calls over the next five years as the region grows and more and more businesses open their doors. The faster an alarm goes out from a fire alarm system, the sooner the fire trucks will arrive at the front door. Moreover, modern commercial fire alarm systems can gather information regarding where the fire started which can help in fighting and extinguishing the blaze. The moments a fire alarm saves can provide sufficient opportunity to evacuate and help blunt the damage that a fire can cause.

Where to Install a Commercial Fire Alarm System

Each business is different, and every office has needs that vary depending on the size, layout, and tasks conducted within the space. At a minimum, fire alarms should be installed within storerooms containing combustibles such as cleaning agents, paper, and wood. Fire alarms should also be installed in kitchen areas, break rooms, and any area where machines such as copiers, computers, and industrial machinery are present. Should something start to smolder in any of these areas, the alarm will trigger and alert everyone in the building that there is a threat present.

Commercial Fire Alarm Systems are Worth the Investment

In addition to the cost to lives and property, a fire can put a business out of business until the damage is repaired. It’s also important to remember to hire an effective commercial cleaning service to deal with anything that’s left behind after a fire! A commercial fire alarm system coupled with fire suppression systems including sprinklers or clean agent fire suppression systems, and handheld fire extinguishers can minimize the downtime and the overall cost of repairing the damage. Dollar for dollar, the cost of installing and maintaining a high quality commercial fire alarm system is far less than the cost of remediation following a fire. Fires can happen for any number of reasons, and no amount of planning can completely remove the possibility that a fire will break out. However, if a fire breaks out, a fire alarm can provide the timely warning employees need to evacuate and fire departments need to respond. We invite you to contact 1st Alarm to discover more about the fire alarms we install and the steps we take to ensure our clients have the highest degree of protection against fire within their commercial properties.

The 1st Alarm Team Understands your Commercial Fire Alarm System needs

The team at 1st Alarm understands that you will have many burning questions on your mind when it comes time to choose the right commercial fire alarm system to protect your property. 1st Alarm is one of the biggest and best security companies in the region that specializes in both residential and commercial alarm systems as well as commercial fire alarm systems. Serving Amarillo, Lubbock, Midland / Odessa, El Paso, Abilene and San Angelo, we pride ourselves on buying local and hiring local whenever possible. We are committed to offering high quality, professional service with the utmost level of integrity. 1st Alarm is the best commercial fire alarm system company in our region as well. We have personnel trained and certified to meet your fire alarm system needs. To learn more about how our commercial fire alarm systems may be a great fit for your company, Request a Quote online or give us a call at 800-276-5559. You can even visit our office near you.