A company’s sensitive and proprietary data truly is its crown jewel. Because this sensitive and often proprietary data is of great value, there will always be someone looking to gain and advantage by getting their hands your data. According to recent reports, in 2018 the United States experienced a 40% increase in data breaches. These threats can be perpetrated by a cybercriminal or a disgruntled employee. You should recognize and accept that your company’s sensitive data always has a price tag on it and thus justifies investing in extensive measures to protect it. You don’t need to make it easy for hackers and don’t need to suffer the potential exposure due to a data breach. If your Amarillo TX business has sensitive or proprietary data, you need to secure and protect it with an access control system.

Access control system fundamentals

In today’s digital world, it is more important than ever for organizations to limit access to sensitive data and physical locations. While most organizations have existing infrastructures, or procedures in place to limit access to networks, systems, and applications, access control is a fundamental security technique used to regulate who can view or use company resources in a computing environment and minimize any potential risks to the business or organization.

The core benefits of an access control system are:

Physical access control – Physical access control specifically refers to the selective restriction of access to a space. This means that people cannot physically enter server rooms or areas where confidential information is kept, giving them the opportunity to use it to their advantage.

Password Protection – Creating and protecting strong passwords to help protect sensitive information sent via email or uploaded to cloud services is a critical element of any access control system. You are able to assign password policies either to particular users or to sets of users. With a proper access control system in place, you can implement a new password policy that can be used to configure multiple password policies, as opposed to one global policy for your entire directory.

Two-Factor Authentication – Frequently, the standard use of usernames and passwords to maintain security isn’t enough to ensure protection for sensitive data or give you peace of mind.  In these cases, multiple-authentication-factor or two-factor authentication can be used to properly verify authorized users’ identity. Two-factor authentication in combination with the other multiple features of your access control system gives you the ability to ensure only authorized personnel have access to any high-security areas in your office premises.

Access control serves a vital function within an organization by ensuring critical and sensitive data can be protected from potentially unwanted intruders.

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