Modern home security systems offer a wide range of home automation features. Thanks to wireless technology, it’s possible to control virtually any home system via your home security system from a smartphone, tablet, or computer with internet access. From making sure that your kids have locked the door after themselves while you’re still at work to turning the lights off and on while you’re on vacation to deter potential burglars, you have the control you need to ensure your home stays safe at all times. Consider the following home automation features you’ll have with your new digital home alarm system from 1st Alarm in Amarillo TX.

Window and door sensors and controls

Window and door sensors let you know when a window or door is opened or left open via a text message or email alert. Whether your son took the dog for a walk and simply didn’t close the front door all the way behind him or a burglar has let himself in through the sliding glass kitchen door, you’ll know exactly what’s happening at all of the entrances to your home around the clock. You’ll also have the ability to lock and unlock your doors remotely, which may prove critical if one of your kids or a caretaker has misplaced their keys or locked themselves out of the house.

Alarm controls

When you’re dashing off for work in the morning or trying to get the whole family to the airport, it’s easy to forget about arming the home security system. With home automation, you can arm or disarm the system from any location whether you are in Amarillo, across the state or across the globe.

Climate controls

Adjusting the thermostat temperature remotely reduces your energy bills and keeps the home more comfortable. You may also equip your security system to alert you in the event of an unusual temperature change in the house. While the house may simply warm up more than usual on a hot summer day, a sudden temperature change may indicate a more serious issue, such as a fire. An alert can mean the difference between rapid emergency response and significant damage.  Be sure to get the help you need from Amarillo’s first responders quickly and reliably.

Light controls

Turning the lights on and off periodically while you’re on vacation gives the appearance of activity, decreasing the risk of theft or vandalism. You can also make sure that your lights are turned off while everyone is at school or work to save money.

If you are considering adding a security system, a security camera or simply want to take advantage of the many home automation features for your home or business, contact the security experts at 1st Alarm Amarillo. We have the expertise and technology to help you secure your premises at an affordable price and give you the automated control features you desire.  1st Alarm Amarillo can help you with all of your security needs.  Call (800) 276-5559 today.  Request a Quote online or come by the office located at 3501 S. Georgia Street in Amarillo, Texas.