Wireless technology has made video surveillance systems more affordable and easier to install than ever. Once upon a time, setting up a security system involved hours of drilling holes and running wires through the walls, only to have to do it all over again when you wanted to move or upgrade your system. Now an Amarillo TX home or business can get a security system with video surveillance up and running in a matter of hours without breaking the bank. If you’ve been on the fence about installingvideo surveillance systems in your residential or commercial setting, consider the following benefits that video cameras offer.

Reduced loss, theft, and vandalism

The mere presence of security cameras is enough to detract most burglars from attempting to vandalize or break into a property. When an Amarillo TX neighborhood or business park has multiple locations with security systems, thieves will start avoiding it altogether. Digitalvideo surveillance systems capture and store more video than their analog counterparts. The video that they do capture is high definition with wide viewing angles. These clear images make it easier to capture burglars and locate stolen property. Many law enforcement services use video tape from residential and commercial cameras to prosecute suspects and return stolen items.

Remote monitoring

Digital video surveillance systems with wireless capability allow anyone to view the surveillance feed from anywhere in the world. As long as you have a viable internet connection, you can use virtually any computer, tablet, or smartphone to view footage. Simply log into the security system from the device of your choosing and then view a live stream or access archived footage.

Distributed intelligence

It is inevitable that analog systems have gaps in security footage. While it’s still impossible to view every single second of captured security footage from a digital surveillance system, distributed intelligence will fill in the gaps. Software programs monitor video feeds using movement pattern recognition to pick up certain types of behavior, activities, and events. When your system in Amarillo picks up something suspicious, it generates an alert and sends it to the security team.

Improved productivity

While most employees aren’t going to steal physical items from a company, they may take long lunch breaks, text with friends, or play games on their work computers. When employees know that there are surveillance cameras in their Amarillo workplace, they’re more likely to stay on task and take their breaks efficiently. The presence of video surveillance systems also provide peace of mind about security in the workplace, allowing employees to maintain full focus on their work.

Cost effective with scalability

Digital video surveillance systems require minimal physical infrastructure. Since digital cameras produce high quality images with wide viewing angles, you won’t have to install as many cameras as you would with an analog system. Digital feed can be compressed and stored, which takes up less space than analog, also saving you money. As the needs of your Amarillo TX home or business change, you can scale your video camera system up or down with ease. Remove cameras that are no longer needed or add new cameras and integrate them into the network seamlessly.

Choosing a video surveillance system can be overwhelming. Talk to fellow home or business owners about the systems they use and why they do or don’t like them. When researching systems online, look for comprehensive unbiased reviews. Finally, request a free consultation from a video surveillance provider to learn more about their services and whether or not they’ll be a good fit for your budget and security needs.

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