In the past, pets created complications for home alarm systems. A dog or a cat would walk through a room or through the pet door, triggering the alarm. Often, the situation would cause homeowners to choose between confining their pets or getting rid of the home alarm system because it was not pet friendly. However, modern home alarm systems allow pets to move freely in the home, without triggering the system. It is important to understand how older systems and modern systems relate to being pet friendly. Understanding alarm technology can help you know what to do if you have pets and need an alarm system.

Why home alarm systems were not pet friendly

Motion detectors were often the cause of the false alarms due to pet motion. Motion detectors work by sensing the movement of warm objects through a space. The movement of a warm-blooded animal, like a cat or dog, could trip the detectors in the alarm systems.

False alarms triggered by pets end up being a problem for homeowners, the security company, and the police. The monitoring service will call the police any time an unexplained alarm goes off. Police do not like being called out multiple times for false alarms and the situation could cause the police to fine homeowners for false alarms. In many cases, monitoring services will cut off service if the cause of false alarms cannot be eliminated.

Why modern home alarm systems are pet friendly

The technology behind motion detectors has gotten more sophisticated in recent years. Instead of being triggered by the simple motion of a warm object, modern detectors look for both warm objects and the way they move. Motion detectors are now specifically designed to eliminate objects that are animal sized and that move like animals. This alarm system technology advancement has practically eliminated the possibility of false alarms triggered by household pets.

What should you do if you have pets and want a home alarm system?

Don’t be tempted to install a do-it-yourself alarm system, especially if you have pets. Most of the do-it-yourself kits include the lowest cost motion detectors on the market. These detectors are often older technology, which is not pet friendly. If you want an alarm system for your home, and you have pets, contact a professional home security company. Security companies have access to a wide assortment of detectors and alarms that are pet-friendly. The companies can configure your system to give you the protection you need, without the need to confine your pets.

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