Having a home security system is great for keeping your family safe and adding video surveillance can increase your level of protection. However, you must consider these five questions before you choose your security cameras: Where do you want to install security cameras and what level of video quality do you need? Do you need night vision and do you want hidden or visible security cameras? Do you want to be able to see video footage from anywhere or just from one location? Answering these questions can help you decide what type of security cameras you need for your home video surveillance system.

Where do you want to install security cameras?

Consider where you need the protection of home video surveillance the most. Exterior security cameras are a good option for monitoring people who are on your property and can allow you to identify possible thieves and criminals. If outdoor cameras do not deter a break in, interior security cameras can record the criminal activities. Hidden interior cameras are also an option for your surveillance system. These security cameras can monitor nannies and other household employees as well as unwelcome guests.

What level of video quality do you need?

Video quality for home video surveillance improves each year. Today, you can choose from three levels in home security video quality: General, forensic and high detail.

General detail video is very low resolution and can only give you shapes and colors. Forensic detail video offers higher quality and can help identify faces and license plates. High detail video has very high quality resolution, offering the ability to see fine printing and logos on shirts.

Do you need night vision security cameras?

Night vision security cameras are more expensive than their daylight only counterparts, but they offer the assurance of recording events even during the nighttime. If you have proper lighting around your home, night vision is usually not needed.

Do you want hidden or visible security cameras?

Most people want visible security cameras on the exterior of their home. These cameras act as a deterrent to criminals and make it obvious to everyone that they are being observed.

Inside the home, hidden cameras are often chosen. You probably do not want your guests in your home knowing that you have security cameras. Plus, if you want to monitor the nanny or the housekeeper, you want to do it in secret.

Do you want to be able to see video footage from anywhere?

With modern home video surveillance cameras, you have the option of being able to see footage through your cell phone. You can monitor when the kids get home or if a package is dropped off at the door by having an internet connection to the feed. However, adding an internet video feed may increase costs to your monthly monitoring charges from the security company.

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