For many years, video surveillance was reserved for government use and protection of wealthy companies. Thanks to wireless technology, it is simple and inexpensive to install security cameras in virtually any modern home or business security system. If you’ve been on the fence about installing video cameras for your residential or commercial alarm system, consider the following benefits of video surveillance.

Security cameras help deter crime

The mere presence of security cameras is enough to send most burglars in the other direction. If a criminal is thinking about robbing a particular neighborhood or business district, he’s more likely to pass over buildings with security cameras. Some people don’t believe that the ability to deter burglars is worth the tradeoff of visible security cameras. If you don’t like the look of security cameras on your home or business, think about concealing the majority of the cameras, leaving one or two visible for any passerby. It’s a small sacrifice to make for a lot of protection.

Security cameras can help apprehend suspects

In the rare event that a crime does occur, having video footage makes it much easier to track down a suspect and recover stolen belongings. From preventing major theft to avoiding being sued, video footage proves to be a major asset for homeowners and business owners alike. Capturing crooks on camera doesn’t necessarily lead to catching them, but it greatly increases the odds. When police aren’t able to identify the suspect right way, they can publish the video publicly, raising the chances of a viewer identifying the subject. Public viewing also heightens exposure for petty crime, which deters many people from attempting it.

Security cameras can help improve accountability and productivity

For most business owners, the threat of employees stealing from the company is much greater than the the threat of an outside party robbing the business. The average employee isn’t likely to steal company property. However, “stealing” is quite common in the workplace. Installing security cameras significantly reduces the incidence of employees taking extra long lunch breaks, playing games on their computers, and talking or texting with family and friends during work hours. Video surveillance doesn’t help the bottom line at home, but it can help you keep an eye on your kids. Similarly, most children won’t throw wild parties while their parents are at work or on vacation. However, they are more likely to put off doing their homework, watch inappropriate TV shows, or eat junk food.

Security cameras allow for remote monitoring

Wireless video camera footage can be viewed from virtually any computer, smartphone, or tablet with internet capability. This feature gives homeowners and business owners the ability to keep tabs on their properties even when they’re away. From checking on your house while you’re at work to monitoring your business during a week long vacation, you know what’s going on at all times whether or not you’re there physically.

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