Video surveillance systems have become the favorite of businesses who want to deter shoplifters and vandals. The popularity of video surveillance systems has made it a favorite with homeowners as well. Video surveillance systems offer certain benefits for commercial and residential properties in Amarillo TX that other security systems cannot match. These benefits include preventing theft, promoting adherence to protocols, and preventing vandalism. Video surveillance systems offer convenient remote viewing, increase chances of criminal prosecution, and decrease chances of fraudulent insurance claims. Video surveillance systems also offer employee surveillance, lower insurance premiums, and off peace of mind.

Video surveillance systems systems prevent theft

Video surveillance systems prevent shoplifting and other forms of theft. Thieves do not like their activities captured on video. In a retail store, prominent cameras can keep shoplifters away. Cameras also deter burglars who want to enter your Amarillo TX property after dark.

Video surveillance systems promote adherence to protocol

Having a video surveillance system promotes adherence to health and safety practices. Amarillo TX businesses have an obligation to keep the workplace safe for employees and customers alike. Video can help determine if employees are following proper procedures and practices for your business in Amarillo TX. Video footage can also serve as a training tool for what to do and what not to do in certain situations.

Vandalism can be prevented with video surveillance systems

Using a video surveillance system can help prevent vandalism. Outdoor surveillance cameras act as a deterrent by showing vandals that they will be recorded if they commit a crime. If a vandal sees a camera, that person is less likely to do damage and if they do commit a crime, it will be recorded.

Video surveillance systems offer remote viewing

Remote viewing is one of the wonders of the Internet age. Video surveillance systems can be tied into the network, allowing Amarillo TX property owners and the monitoring service to see what is going on in front of the cameras. Video footage is also helpful in guiding police and emergency workers to the right spot on a property during an emergency.

Video surveillance systems footage increases chances of criminal prosecution

Video surveillance systems increases the chances of criminal prosecution once a criminal is caught. If the cameras capture the face of a criminal in the act of a crime, the chances of a successful prosecution are higher.

Video surveillance systems decrease chances of fraudulent insurance claims

Video security systems decrease the chances of fraudulent insurance claims. Today’s world is highly litigious and people often sue over just about anything. A simple bump against a display may turn into a someone claiming they have an injury that requires extensive treatment. Video surveillance footage can show exactly what occurred in situations where insurance claims are involved.

Video surveillance systems offer employee surveillance

Video surveillance systems make it possible to monitor activities within a business or home in Amarillo TX. Business owners can monitor their employees, but household employees can also be monitored with this system. Many families have a housekeeper or nanny to help with things around their home. That person is often left in the house without the homeowners being present. Hidden surveillance cameras can give the homeowner proof of the employee’s activities if they do something unethical or commit a crime.

Video surveillance systems can lower insurance premiums

The benefit of having lower insurance premiums is one that many Amarillo TX property owners don’t consider. A full security system, including video surveillance, can lower insurance premiums by up to 20 percent. These savings can actually help pay for the security system and save you money in the future.

Video surveillance systems offer peace of mind

Having a video surveillance system offers business owners and homeowners peace of mind. When you know that you have video protection in place, it promotes a sense of security that can’t be found with other types of security systems.

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