One questions that virtually every Midland TX homeowner asks when talking to a home security company is just how much is a home security system going to cost me. The answer is not just a matter of the dollars and cents you pay each month to the security company. There are many variables involved that include such things as installation, service and add-ons but perhaps the greatest and most important cost is the one associated with the loss you might experience if you don’t have one. To better understand the first element in the equation, we will go over the three major components of the price you pay to the security company before we discuss the uncertain cost of losing your belongings and your priceless family belongings to a total stranger who is just looking for a quick buck.

Installation costs of home security systems

Wireless technology has revolutionized home security systems in just a few short years. Today, sensors connect to the central control panel through a wireless signal instead of hard wires thus installation time and effort is quicker and far less invasive to your property.  The result is the installation cost is a lot less.

Monthly monitoring fees for home security systems

Most home security companies in Midland TX offer home security monitoring packages.  The monthly cost for these packages varies depending upon whether you have a basic home security system or an advanced home automation system.  The more entry points you need monitored, the addition of security cameras and virtual fencing will all contribute to the overall monthly fee. Pick the package that meets the security needs for your property that also fits within your budget.  1st Alarm Midland has several packages for you to choose from so the right package is only a phone call away.

The cost of advanced options

In addition to your standard home security system, advanced options that include such features as remote control thermostats for your home, remote lighting controls, remote door locks and additional security cameras are also available for installation in your Midland TX home. With wireless installation, adding additional features is not difficult. However, every add-on option you get will cost you more at installation and more in monthly service fees.

The greatest cost of all

Having a home security system installed and monitored in your Midland TX home helps keep you, your family, your home and your belongings safe.  Posting signs and having visible security cameras alerts would-be thieves that your home is not one they want to intrude upon. Thieves are smart in many ways. They know which homes are the easy targets, They avoid the hard targets where they risk being caught.  Those Midland TX homeowners who choose to save the expense of a home security system are risking a great deal. A single home invasion can cost you your most valued possessions. Even worse, a home invasion that occurs when family members are present can be far more devastating than the mere loss of property.  So clearly, the greatest cost of a home security system is not what you pay each month but rather what you stand to loss in the event of a burglary when you, your family, your home and your property ARE NOT being monitored or protected.

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