In the event of an emergency (i.e. power outage, natural disaster), your home security system backup battery is critical for short-term safety as well as general peace of mind. Security system batteries last up to five years and a fully charged backup battery can power a home security system for approximately eight hours.  Your Lubbock TX home security system control panel features a “low battery” icon that will blink when it’s time to replace the backup battery. To swap out your Lubbock TX home security system backup battery, put the security system in test mode. Ensure the power is off before proceeding. Take out the old battery, and replace it with a new battery. Turn on the power again, and take the alarm system out of test mode. Take time today to make sure your home security system backup battery is charged and ready to protect you, your family and your home when needed.

Place your home security system in test mode before replacing your backup battery

Prior to opening the alarm system, notify your Lubbock TX alarm monitoring company so that they can put your home security system in test mode. You’ll be switching out the backup battery while the system is in test mode. It’s possible the alarm will go off while you’re working on the system in test mode. When the monitoring company knows you’re working on the system, they won’t alert the authorities or send anyone out to check on you, even if you trigger the alarm.

Ensuring the power is switched off before opening up the system prevents the risk of injury. Flip the circuit breaker or disconnect the transformer to guarantee the power is turned off while you complete the battery switch.

Swap out the old battery

Select the proper tools to open your home security system’s control panel and access the battery. Typically, you’ll need a screwdriver or a control panel key to remove the front panel. Once you’ve opened the panel, you should see the battery as well as a red lead and a black lead. Disconnect these leads with care so that you can remove the alarm system battery safely.

Take out the old battery, and replace it with the new security system battery. Reconnect the red and black leads into their correct positions. Finally, replace the front control panel.

Switch the power back on and take your home security system out of test mode

Plug the components back in or flip the circuits back to the “on” position to turn on your Lubbock TX home security system again. The “low battery” light should no longer be flickering. Contact the alarm monitoring company so that they can take the security system out of test mode.

This is simple maintenance that virtually any homeowner can complete and could be the difference between being safe and being a victim in the event of a power outage or natural disaster.

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